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The last messages written by visitors of this page (other messages in the french page) :

From Giovanni, IZ5PQT, Pisa, Italy
Just to tell you that I find Sat Explorer very good and simple to use, so thank you for having
made it available.

From  Armin, DL1AL, Köln, Germany

Hello Gabriel. I am using your CW-Player software since middle of 2020. 

Last Saturday i passed my german CW Examen in Dortmund (Bundesnetzagentur) and got a new HAREC inclusive the confirmation about 12 wpm CW capability.

Impressed i was how good your CW examen France feature did simulate the CW examen Germany requirements. Congratulation for this fantastic CW-Player tool.

So thanks a lot for your brilliant tool to help CW-Newcomers coming on band.


From Michael, DM4MT, Germany
Subject : CW_PLAYER
I am using your Program, to recover CW after more than 30 Years - I appreciate this very much, thank you

From Damrianto, YB4JAQ, Indonesia
Subject : CW_PLAYER.
I honestly say to you that, the CW Player Software that you have is one of the idolized software in Indonesia.
From the start I learned Morse Code using CW Player Software until now.
This software is quite complete, many of our Members (ORARI MEMBERS) are fond of this software.
In Indonesia, it is often used for the implementation of contests - contests receive and send Morse Code, one of which is often used is the CW Player.
Hi Gabriel .. once again, can I use the CW Player software as my Tutorial material on YouTube ... and at the same time introduce the software to people who don't know it yet.
Note from the author : Of course you can. Best 73s from Gabriel F6DQM

From : Manohar Arasu, VU2UR, India
Subject : CW_PLAYER

From : Gary, N8LR, Saginaw, MI, USA
Subject : CW_PLAYER
I am an adviser for CWops CW Academy and frequently use CW Player in that role. It is a wonderful piece of software for training CW operators!

From : Hal, K7IRA, Spangle, WA, USA
Subject : CW_PLAYER
Greatest CW tutor program EVER!! Thanks
Note from the author : Many thanks for the nice donation. 73s

From : Julio, EA1BLI, Spain
Subject : CW_PLAYER
Hola Gabriel, mi nombre es Julio EA1BLI quiero agradecerte tu buen trabajo con el programa CWplayer, gracias a el estoy retomando la telegrafia y me esta siendo de mucha ayuda.
magnifico programa Gabriel
73 y que tengas un buen dia
Hi Gabriel, my name is Julio EA1BLI I want to thank you for your good work with the CWplayer program, thanks to him I am picking up the telegraph and it is being very helpful.

magnificent program Gabriel
73 and have a nice day.

From : Nis, OZ7NW, Copenhagen, Denmark
Subject : CW_PLAYER
Hello Gabriel, I always have your CW Player on my pc. It is a very fine player for training telegraphy! - Thanks very much!
Note from the author : Many thanks for the nice donation

From : Phil, KW2A, Severna Park, MD, USA
Subject : CW_PLAYER
Message : What a wonderful program! I'm using it to work my speed up from years of a straight key to a keyer. I use RANDOM to generate text to practice my sending and QUIZ to practice copy and typing. Thanks for such a useful tool for practicing CW...Phil KW2A

From : Vince, KD7TWW, Boise IDAHO,USA
Subject : Software
Message : Thanks for the free software and free information. A note of gratitude. 73 Vince.

From : Ken, M1DYP, UK
Subject : Software
Message : Great site with useful software, thank you.

From : Diogenes, HK1I, Barranquilla, Colombia
Subject : Saludos
Message : Hola Gabriel Rivat.
Le envío mis saludos y lo felicito por tu gran labor de seguir promoviendo la telegrafía, un hobby para toda la vida. 
He incluido en mi página web una sección de para que visiten tu pagina web.
Me ha servido mucho para aprender telegrafía.
Gracias Gabriel.

From : Aitor, EB2AIC, Spain
Subject : CWplayer works correctly in macOS X
Message :  Hello good morning, recently install a version of wine on mac (macOS 10.14) and the CWplayer works correctly.
I'm very happy that it works on mac, since I do not have a PC at home I missed this program so much.
Thank you.

From : Mike, KM7MH, USA
Subject : Sat_Explorer
Message : Thank you! I have been running an old version of Sat_Explorer for years. I like the added Moon tracking feature in later releases.
Note from the author : Many thanks for the nice donation

From : Paul, KD4UWK, USA
Subject : Just to Say THANKS for Your Time
Message : Thank I like CW Player it is a good help! 73

From : Michael, DL5MP, Schermbeck, Germany
Subject : CW_PLAYER

Message : Hello Gabriel, I use the cw_player 4.6.8, it’s my favorite software for training cw.
And a donation for the software is HAM-spirit… 

From : Nis, OZ7NW, Denmark
Subject : CW_PLAYER
Message : I have been using the CW Player for years to maintain and improve my Morse proficiency and I have also recommended the program to others.
Your program is simply the best CW tutor I have seen! Vy 73s

From : Vitaliano, I3NJI, Italy
Subject : CW_Player
Message : I have to repeat what already wrote Michael, WH6YH: "CW Player is Fantastic!".

Thanks for developing CW Player.
Just one suggestion: it will be even better including Koch Training method!
Note from the author : this method is included since release 4.6.6

From : Robert J. "Bob", Cincinnati, OH.
Subject : waverecorder
Message : excellent software and VERY usefull !! Thank You. Bob

From : Joseph Muscat, 9H1HF, Malta
Subject : Thanks
Message : Hi Gabriel, I want to sincerely thank you for such an efficient and a very logical CW program. I want to thank you for all the time and effort in developing this famous CW Player. It has been about 20 years back since I have packed up my CW. (I am over 60 years now). This application gave me the impetus to start all over again my cw. I am improving every day. Vy 73, Joe

From : Gerd, DD4DA, Germany
Subject : CW_PLAYER
Message : Hello dr OM Gabriel, I had starts to leard CW in 2004 and used your 0.4x Version of CW-Player to get my cw skills in just 9 month. The ability to adjust the speed, teh space between each characters and words indeepended was the key of my success. I had started initialy with the speed of 24cpm but very large space between each character. Later, if all characters was learned the space was reduced between the characters and words. Finaly, the create and manage own lessions in combination with all the speed variations are makes the cw-player as an awesome and my recommended tool to learn CW. After about 12 years of working 90% cw on hf, my thanks to do the long work on that programm. vy 73

From : Ian, M0HTA, Chatteris (England)
Subject : WX Player
Message : Thank you so much for this excellent program, I have it working using WXNOW.TXT files uploaded to my web site in order that a local ham (Andy G6OHM)can interface WX_Player to his 4m simplex parrot. Great Job!

From : Libby  KD8ZMW
Subject : CW Player
Message : Gabriel, I just wanted to say thank you for the work that you have done on the CW_Player. I have added a link to your site for the player on my groups blog (North Central WV Young Ladies). The ladies are learning Morse code and after reviewing the software and trying it out I recommended it as a resource for them. 73

From : Michael, WH6YH, Richmond Hill, Georgia US
Subject : CW Player is Fantastic!
Message : Hi Gabriel, I wanted to Thank You for all the time and effort in developing CW Player. I have used it myself and as an aid for teaching Morse Code. Hope to work you on the air OM.
Vy 73, Mike WH6YH

From : Matt, S57ME, jn75dx, Slovenia
Subject : simplex rpt
Message : Thanks, I am having a lot of fun with this simplex rpt.

From : Dieter Schmitz, DL6KBV, 53937 Schleiden Germany
Subject : CW Player
Message : Hallo Gabriel möchte mich für dieses tolle Prg. bedanken. Durch Zufall habe ich es gefunden.Bin 71 Jahre und war über 40 Jahre nicht mehr QRV,und möchte nun wieder einsteigen.Habe auch schon wieder auf 40Meter einige CW QSO´s gemacht. Hatte etwas gesucht wo ich meine Gebeweise kontrollieren kann. Vielleicht treffen wir uns mal auf dem 40m Band hi.
73 Dir und alles Gute der Familie. DL6KBV

From : Uli, DL1US, Germany
Subject : CW_PLAYER
Message : Your program is best for me at PC learning. It runs on Windows 10 good.
Many Toys qrn, qsb, qri and other very good. TNX.

From : Douglas, KI6EBF, Los Angeles, California, USA
Subject :Simplex
Message : Thanks for all the help, your programs are great
lets all keep ham radio around ! its a great hobby

From : Christopher Duniphin, KF7SPH, White Salmon, WA , USA
Subject : Sat Tracking
Message : Thank you for providing your program

From : Antonio I8CQ Italy
Subject : cw
Message : Ottimo circuito

From : Ignacio EA3HBR, Barcelona
Subject : Felicitaciones
Message : Estupendos y muy utiles programas

From : Paul OZ1DIY, Lemvig, Denmark
Subject : Programs
Message : Nice site. Usefull software :-)
Hope to see you on air

From : Dennis Mott - KW4AG
Subject : LOVE CW Player
Message : I have been using CW_Player to learn morse code. Have used the Quiz portion to learn all the letters and numbers, and am now building my speed by playing text files.
I would like to have cut / paste ability to cut paste text and then play it back, much like the text playback of a loaded file.
I also enjoy using the Sending practice, using the control key on my laptop keyboard.

From : Ivan IX1FJG
Subject : Merci Beaucoup
Message : Merci beaucoup pour le programme CW-Player. Il m'a permis d'apprendre le CW, même si n'est plus requis pour la licence de radio amateur. J'habite dans une petite ville en Vallèe d'Aoste. Si je serais jamais à venir près de chez vous, je viendrai vous voir avec un petit cadeau pour vous remercier et pour vous rencontrer en personne.
Pour le moment j' espère de vous entendre dans l'air
Beaucoup de salutations.
73 de IX1FJG

From : Jim W4QO
Message : In Atlanta at we love CW PLAYER. Have used it at schools and with adults. I like the feature when students are learning to be able to click on a letter and hear the code for it.
And the quiz feature which plays a letter in CW and lets you type it in.
Of course, I like all the other stuff as well. It lets me change the order of the letters learned as I do not like the KOCH order. I simply store in strings of letters in the ARRL order into memories and let it send random CW for those letters.
If you want to see the ARRL order, go to my
Keep up the great work there.
73, jim/w4qo

From : Peter Wowra
Subject : Greetings from Brussel!
Message : Dear Gabriel, thank You very much for a lot of interesting information and Your great CW_Player - maybe i will learn ( beyond 50:-)))) finally Morse and get my very, very old dream thrue - to be a right radio ham........
Best regards!

From : Ugo Poddine
Subject : Very useful and well built "simplex" program
Message : Thank-you very much for the very interesting "Simplex" software. Congratulation.
Of course, having the time, it would be great to recompile it also for Linux (for example Rabspian), in order to be able to use it on cheap rigs, as Raspberry PI.
73 from Italy

From : Ricardo Massoud PY8RLM
Subject : Felicitations
Message : Merci pour le petit programe CW ça me permettra d'étudier à nouveau la CW , toutes mes amities from Belém .
Massoud PY8RLM
Belém PA BR

From : Antonio KJ6YFY
Subject : InterCom Software for Kenwood TM-V71a
Message : Very nice program. I have been looking for a long time for a program that could run my Kenwood TM-V71A. Your program is does the job. I wish you could add volume control and a few other features as well. Overall it is a very nice and useful program. I like being able to control my TM-V71A dual band radio from my computer. I have seen only one other program that can do it. But it does not perform as well as Intercom. Great job. Hope you further refine this amazing software. Sincerely, Antonio de KJ6YFY 73

From : Dmitry
Subject : simplex
Message : Thank you for your program repeater. All the best, 73!

From : Luis zayas KP4LRZ
Subject : CW Practice
Message : very good for practice Att. KP4LRZ

From : Bill G4ERV
Subject : Sat Explorer and CW Player
Message : Extremely good programs with superb back up from Gabriel. I use CW Player for my Morse Tuition Transmissions on Wednesday evenings adn Sat Explorer when demonstrating Live Satellite Tracking to Students.
Gabriel deserves lots of thanks for producing such brilliant software.
Bill - G4ERV

From : Gerhard DD4DA
Subject : Notice
Message : Hello dear OM Gabriel,
a couble of years ago i did the decision to learn the morse code and found your CW-Player in the early old version 0.43 as one of the best code practice
programs thats free available. I finished the CQWWDX in CW this morning and finished with a very good result - similar as last year, i reached #9 in the german, single-op, high-power category. All of them would not be possible without the advantages and flexibility of your CW-Player. Many Thanks for that.
I had expected that the market of available morse teaching tools has been raised in the last decade, but is'nt. Congradualtion for the availibility and continuity of your awesome program.
vy 73 de Gerhard, DD4DA

From : Gun YB2BG
Subject : CW_Player
Message : GE Om Gabriel, May you and ur families always be Healthy, and be Happy.
I have learn ur Morse-Teacher from you, and I have given this to many Hams in Indonesia years ago. I was very grateful and thank you very much for ur special kind attention. GBU 73 TU De gun YB2BG.

From : Pavel RV3RF
Subject : OK!
Message : TKS
from is RUSSIA!73.

From : TP
Date : lun. 19 août 2013 15:57:37 CEST
Subject : Merci
Message : Thanks for the repeater software. / Merci pour le logiciel de répéteur. Cest très bon.

From : Bruno IW3BHU
Subject : CW Player
Message : I think one of the best software to learn to transmit and receive in cw
Many thanks

From : Alan G4BIZ
Subject : hi
Message : Good programs 73

From : Aaron KB3LSM
Subject : very good softare
Message : thank you for creating. I like the repeater software, rock solid so far and I like the parrot too. Gives it some life.
73 kb3lsm

From : Evan, SV1EEK
Subject : Congradulations
Message : Excellent programs! Congradulations! I used CW-Player to improve my code speed and I enjoyed AZIWORD and SAT EXPLORER.
73 de SV1EEK

From : Rafael XE2PY
Subject : Práctico
Message : Lo veo muy práctico lo promoveré en el radio club espero que entusiasme y aprendan algunos de los socios

From : pradeep mahule
Subject : cw player
Message : very good program i find on net for lerning cw , 73 from india pradip (SWL]

From : PT2020SWL Pedro
Subject : CW Player
Message : Congratulations by your wonderful software. CW Player is being very helpful to me in learning Morse code. Thank you so much.

From : Karl DL1MEB
Subject : CW_PLAYER 4.1.1
Message : I like the CW_PLAYER. Training with it is pleasure. Its random generators work well and give interesting pseudo messages with optional sign contents. The keying is clean and sounds really pleasant. Merci beaucoup, Gabriel!
Karl DL1MEB +

From : Alfredo Conty Velez EA1KB
Subject : CW_Player
Message : Merci beaucoup pour ce merveilleux programme de la télégraphie. J'espère vousentendre à la radio .... 73 dx
Alfredo Conty

From : Steve KB1CHU
Subject : Thanks
Message : Thanks for the very good software. You have been a big help to many amateurs and we should thank you for your time,The one thing you can never get more of.Thanks again Steve KB1CHU

From : Pietro iz4heo
Subject : CW_PLAYER
Message : Dear Gabriel. I'm writing to you as I'm learnig CW and I think your software is the best!

From : jose caldeira CT2GKD
Subject : voilá
Message : merci pour les programes sont bien utiles en especial tx cw ;)

From : Vladimir PY9VM
Subject : CWPlayer
Message : Friend! I am thankful for excellent the applicatory CWPlayer! With the applicatory one I learned the CW and I passed in the examination for Brazilian Radioamador!
Sincere gratefulness!

From : Corrado
Subject : CW_PLAYER
Message : Hi,I'm Corrado from Italy,i'm not a radioamateur but your CW player is simply's funny,well structured,multilanguage and free.
Thank you so much.

From : Mick Ponsford M0GWD
Subject : CW Player Software
Message : Many thanks for creating CW Player. Excellent software and the first that I've discovered that allows me to receive customised groups of characters which I can set to match those characters that I receive as part of my 'on-air' CW training from our instructor.
Great website too.
Portsmouth, UK.

From : VAN WAY Charles AC0SX
Date : mar. 13 déc. 2011 09:58:22 CET
Subject : CW Player
Message : Thank you for the CW Player. Merci beaucoup pour cette logiciel! Bienvenue de Kansas, Etats-Unis.

From : Atlanta PT2AL
Subject : Parabéns pelo site!
Message : TKS! Amei o programinha de CW, é muito útil para treinar e aprender brincando.
Forte 73/88

From : Ribeiro PU1JRE
Subject : Simplex
Message : thanks for the Simplex Papaguei program. I use in hamradio. it's very good. I'm brazilian e ham radio. PU1JRE - Ribeiro - Rio de janeiro - Brasil

From : Juan Carlos CO8TW
Subject : Nice web site
Message : Nice web site to download programs for hams.
Keep working, still we need your help.
Juan Carlos, CO8TW

From : Layth Ayoub YI1LA
Subject : CW software
Message : Your CW program is realy axcellent and very good for beginers radioametuers.It react completly with the trainer in all what trainer needs.
My age is 64 years and i just started practicing and i got 7 wpm very easy in 2 weeks 2 hours at a day and trying to speed up in future but till now ihave not made any real CQ.
Thank you very very much for this software.

From : Allan Godney M0CBG
Subject : CW player
Message : I have recently tried you CW Player program and I think it is really very good. I want to re-learn CW and get my speed up so I can use it on the bands.
We are also trying to teach CW to an amateur who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. I have got him to install your program on his computer to see if this will help him. We are not sure how he is going to manage as he cannot write. Also his co-ordination is very poor so normal operation of a Morse key will also be a problem. Only time will tell.
Thank you for the use of your superb program.
Allan M0CBG

From : DL4BA Axel Breitkopf
Subject : Sat Explorer V3.0.7 and CWplayer 4.0.5
Message : Hello OM,
both programs are working fine under Ubuntu 10.04 with Wine 1.2.2
Many thanks for this software!

From : Carl H. Dahlberg N7AGK
Subject : keyer circuit without lm386 amplifier
Message : I had previously mentioned a keyer circuit for keying a transmitter while using the F6DQM cwplayer program. I had turned the volume of the computer down to get a quieter tone at the output of the program. Using the control panel I adjusted the volume up for the sound. By doing that I was able to eliminate the LM386 amplifier. Now the circuit does not need a 5 volt power supply. All that is needed is the audio transformer, the bridge rectifier and the reed relay.
The F6DQM cwplayer is an excellent program for Morse code.

From : Carl H. Dahlberg N7AGK
Subject : keyer circuit
Message : Designed a new keyer circuit for my laptop computer to key my transmitter using your cwplayer program. I took the cw from the phone jack on the laptop and amplified it with an LM368 ic. Put the output of the LM368 into the 8 ohm input of a small audio transformer. Fed the 1K output of the transformer into a bridge rectifier. Connected a 250 ohm reed relay across the bridge rectifier. The signal from the laptop computer is amplified and rectified and it operates the reed relay which is used to key the transmitter. It works very well.

From : Dominic Walsh
Subject : Merci
Message : Bonjour Monsieur Gabriel
Je suis dominic. j'ai 7 ans.
I like your morse code program very much.
I am learning it with my grandad.
Merci beaucoup.
Dominic Walsh

From : Vincent WALSH
Subject : CW_Player
Message : I have just started using your CWPlayer and really enjoying it. Thank you so
much for all the hard work and the elegant design...
Merci beaucoup,

From : Ernesto Higueras OA4CN
Subject : Web Site
Message : Very good programs, congratulations.

From : Bob Frett KE7YTF
Subject : Simplex Software
Message : Nice program, nice web site, will be back.
73's KE7YTF
Tucson, Arizona USA

From : emiliano LW6EGE
Subject : merci beaucoup
Message : Bonjour mon ami!
Je suis emiliano. j'ai 16 ans.
j'utilise votre software.
j'étudie CW.
Merci beaucoup.

From : Danny
Subject : Repeater controller software
Message : Great website ...

From : Jason Dolan
Subject : SIMPLEX
Message : Hello Gabriel !
Thank you so much for your great site and software!
I am currently installing SIMPLEX on a Windows 2008 Server ...
Thank you again my friend.
73's Jason in Scotland

From : Bruce DL2NFL
Subject : cw player
Message : Merci !!!!!
Thank you very much for this nice programm which I use to be up do date in cw!

From : Rodrigo CE5MCK
Subject : congratulations
Message : Dear Gabriel
Thanks for your effort..
Simplex is a very nice software

From : David K3FT
Subject : CW_Player
Message : Imagine my joy at finding your great work!! I am so grateful to you for this fine product. I feel that when I learn more, (currently at 11 letters) I will use your program.
I have only been in the hobby since 2007, but I love it and it is making my retirement joyful.
I am really grateful for your work.
Thank you !!! Happy New Year! I will check out the Yahoo Group as well.
Dave K3FT

From : Bob W7DDD
Subject : Wonderful !!!
Message : After 50 years, I decided to go back on CW. Wow - I forgot a lot. I tried every software package I could find without success. Yours is the best! I am learning very quickly and have bought a new key. See you on the bands.
Thank you very much.
Merci Beaucoup.
Bob B.

From : Tony G4EYE
Subject : simplex
Message : just downloaded simplex to give it a try... merci

From : Bela HA5GAL
Subject : cw_player
Message : Dear Gabriel,
many thanks for the excellent softvare!
I looked at more programs in the past period, but I could't find able to me until now.
'73 Bela

From : Jerry WD4FFS
Subject : cw_player
Message : Thank you for some great cw instructional software!

From : Steve KB1CHU
Subject : Sat_Explorer
Message : I have recommended your software to the group at FoxDelta and they have recommended it to be used with their St Series of interfaces. They are inexpensive and work very well with your software. The ham community owes people like you a debt of gratitude for the time you spent making great software available to amateurs. I personally thank you for your efforts. Steve KB1CHU

From : Salvatore IS0PAH
Subject : CWPlayer
Message : Hi Gabriel ! Your cw player is excellent for learn CW. My son (9 year old) play with your cw player and he go on air as soon as possible !!
73 de IS0PAH

From : Piet van hoeijen
Subject : cw-player
Message : hello Gabriel many thanks for that peace of software it is great to me i can so speed up my cw ,
my call is Pa3cpj hope to work with of one of the bands gl 73 gabriel.
Piet van Hoeijen

From : pakdedarmantaoye - YC1DCN
Subject : Simplex
Message : Dear OM Gabriel,
I am an Indonesian Amateur Radio, stay in Cikampek, a small town around 100 km in the east of Jakarta, our Indonesian Capital City.
Your Simplex program is nice.
Sudarmanta - YC1DCN Locator OI33RN

From : gShadow
Subject : Thanks for your cwplayer
Message : I'm from China.
Your cwplayer is a wonderful tool for my Morse learning,although i am not a good learner.
Many times i try to remember the alphabets but failed just because lack of patients.
Hope i can read morse code after days.
My regards.

From : EA1HGT Manuel
Subject : Agradecimientos
Message : Cher collègue Gabriel:
D'ici, je tiens à remercier votre site toute l'aide que vous fournissez à tous les amateurs dans le monde et nous vous remercions spécialement pour Simplex votre programme que je l'utilise et j'en suis particulièrement content. Je l'ai fait fréquences PMR répéteur en Espagne.
Best regards EA1HGT (Manolo)

From : VU2EXP - Rajesh P. Vagadia (Rajkot - INDIA)
Subject : CW_Player
Message : Great Piece of Software. I like it very much. I find this software feature rich with easy menu.
Fantistic Job you did, Sir.
Also Many Many thanks to offer this software free of cost.
Rajesh P. Vagaida
Rajkot (Gujarat - INDIA)

From : Javi EA9AI
Subject : Simplex
Message : Hello dear Gabriel,
Thank you for your simplex program, we are using this program like a repeater in 145.337,5 in Ceuta EA9. This message is only to send to you our Gratefulness!!
Signed EA9AI

From : Tony VE3DWI , ex PA0MIH
Subject : Hi.
Message : This is an excellent website. I have enjoyed perusing the pages and seeing the very nice pictures. I could almost taste the Oysters, they look great. You are to be commended for providing free software for hams all over the world. Thank you very much.

From : leonardo CE2TZF
Subject : soft. repetidor simplex
Message : grs. for pagina web my french.

From : Georgios SW1LJL
Subject : CWPlayer
Message : Dear Mr Gabriel , thank you for the exeptional
program of CW training ,i think it is the best in world .
I hope with its help i will pass the next exams to obtain the SV licence .
Thank you again

From : Dan, W6DAN
Subject : Software
Message : Thanks for the software download. I am going to use the Azimuth map program. GL es 73. Dan W6DAN

From : Gabriel
Subject : Welcome
Hello and welcome on my web pages. If you have found my softwares or other data useful, don't hesitate to tell it to next visitors.
Best 73s from Gabriel