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Last release : 1.1.1
Date : November 9rd 2019
Author : F6DQM

Freeware to record sounds.
OS : Windows XP and higher, 32 & 64-bits.
Supported languages : English
Linux/Ubuntu/Androïd users may run MyWaveRecorder through WINE 1.0 or CROSSOVER.

Small utility program to capture and save any sound played by your computer. For example sounds generated by CW_PLAYER or WX_PLAYER or MyWaveRecorder or any other software, sounds coming from your microphone or entering your sound card, sounds that you are listening from Internet and so on. One click and sounds are recorded and saved in WAV format. Then you can convert them into MP3 format and delete the original WAV file. WX_PLAYER dialogs with MyWaveRecorder to make it automatically records the Weather anouncement. The utility program which converts WAVE files into MP3 files (WAV2MP3) is included in the install package.

To install MYWAVERECORDER, please download one of the three following files, according to your convenience :
- Zip file (Delphi7 compilation)

Install file (Delphi7 compilation)
- Install_DX file (Delphi10 compilation)

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