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My programs are mainly for radioamateur usage. They are freeware and may be used by anybody.
Some users have reported a good functionning of the graphic interface with Linux UBUNTU 8 and WINE 1.0.
To run my softwares on Mac or Smartphones, you may use the CROSSOVER app of CodeWeavers.
If you like to be notified with new releases of my softwares, please subscribe to my Yahoo Group :
If any question about my softwares, please first read the F.A.Q. page then, if no answer, use the Contact form to send a message. The page Schematics describes how to interface your computer with your transceiver or Morse key.
Don't hesitate to write encouraging words in the Visitor's Book if one of the programs helps you and then tell your enthusiasm to other visitors.
Summary :

My Ham Radio Programs

CW_PLAYER 4.6.8 :Freeware to learn and train the Morse code. Learning with the KOCH method is included. Compatible XP and up. The Morse message of page amateur radio has been generated with CW_PLAYER. CW_PLAYER includes automatic CW keying of the transmitter through serial and parallel ports or manual keying through the Joystick port. Good training. Click one of the small flags to know more about the numereous features of CW_PLAYER. Linux/Ubuntu users can run CW_Player through WINE 1.0 or CROSSOVER.
A special menu will add some fun for our lovely kids. The MORSE-JONG is also included to relax your mind after the effort !
A small utility software is provided to convert WAV files to MP3 files.


CW_Player is recommanded by              

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To listen to the Morse alphabet
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SAT_EXPLORER 3.4.2 : Freeware for satellite tracking and antenna positionning. Requires Windows OS (95 up to 8). Handles the following antenna tracking interfaces : PourSat, FODTrack, EA4TX, GS232, EASYCOM, TRAKBOX, KCT, PROSISTEL, M2-ORION and other compatible interfaces such as LVBTracker and SatDrive. SAT_EXPLORER is compatible with TRX-Manager for piloting transceivers and other antenna systems.
2-line orbital elements of radioamateur satellites :
Monthly TLE files for the Moon are included in the furniture.                      
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Sat_Explorer may upload on an FTP server the following HTML page every minute. Caution, this is just an example, not up to date on this site !
KepsToTLE 1.0

Freeware to convert keplerian elements into TLE format (Two-Line-Elements).

___          __           ______       ______

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AZIWORLD 2.1.7  : Be the centre of the world ! This freeware generates coloured azimuth maps centered from anywhere on the earth. When saved as a bmp image, it may be easily personalized with you favourite graphic software. Locates on the azimuth map and computes azimuth and range of any DXCC prefix . The antenna controller AZIPOINT may be launched by menu from AziWorld in order to point automatically your antenna towards the selected DX. (See next item to download AZIPOINT)


Example 1: the Earth from the South pole __    ___________
Example 2: the Earth from the North pole _
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AZIPOINT 2.2.9 : Here is a free and simple program to control and test antenna interfaces such as : PourSat, FODTrack, EA4TX (ArsWin), GS232, EasyComm, TrakBox, KCT, ProSisTel, DCU-1, M2-ORION and other compatible such as SatDrive, WinRotor, ARS-USB. AZIPOINT runs either alone or together with AZIWORLD, BEAM_DX or N1MMLogger. In the latter case, AZIPOINT reads the azimut data sent by one of these three programms and use it to control the chosen antenna interface.

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SIMPLEX 2.3.2 : Repeater Software to quickly create a radio repeater. Free, handles simplex, duplex, transponder and mixed repeaters. Requires a sound card and Windows OS (95 and later). The program includes a lot of recording functions to be discovered by clicking the opposite flags. The survey function by the program WATCHDOG is included in the zip. Time/Weather beacons through the french COUCOU or the english WX_Player or the multilingual Speaking Clock Deluxe. Click the flags to know more about the last release._

How does SIMPLEX work ?


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INTERCOM 2.0.8 : Freeware to remotely control KENWOOD TMD700/710/V-71 transceivers or any other transceiver which features UP, DOWN and PTT commands. It allows either with manual clicks or through a TCPIP link to send basical commands to these transceivers : TX choice, VFO choice, memory choice or power level choice. It was developped to run with SIMPLEX in order to interconnect a VHF/UHF repeater with any other nearby repeater. Remote transmission of commands is done through DTMF codes decoded by SIMPLEX and resent to InterCom on the TCPIP link.


Annex : Programming protocol of the KENWOOD TM-D700
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WX_PLAYER 2.1.3 : WX_PLAYER is an english speaking clock and weather data player. It is at first written to generate a secondary beacon for SIMPLEX but runs also as a stand-alone program to generate audio messages that you may send on your local repeater or  to any other support. WX_PLAYER treats weather data coming from DAVIS stations (Weather Monitor II or Vantage Pro2), LaCrosse stations, APRS stations and Internet APRS web sites such as "aprs.fi" and METAR frames provided by airports.
Example of Beacon using SI units :

Example of Beacon using US units :



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BEAM_DX 1.5.2 : Freeware to get the azimut and range of any terrestrial location defined by its locator or latitude and longitude or DXCC prefix or any other marker such as US state codes, french department number etc. Requires Windows OS (95 up to 8). Beam_DX is dedicated to run together with AZIPOINT which handles several antenna tracking interfaces. See above to download AZIPOINT._______________________________ _



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  My programs are free. If you like them and think that they are useful, don't hesitate to visit all links that appear on my pages. This would be your free contribution to help me to maintain and improve my programs. Many thanks in advance.

Other softwares

MYWAVERECORDER 1.0.7 : What you save is what you hear !  Small utility program to capture and save any sound played by your computer. For example sounds generated by CW_PLAYER or WX_PLAYER, sounds coming from your microphone or entering your sound card, sounds that you are listening from Internet and son on. Just one click and sounds are recorded and saved in WAV format. Then you can convert them into MP3 format and delete the original WAV file. Click the icon or MYWAVERECORDER to download the program. Wx_Player dialogs with MyWaveRecorder to make it automatically records the Weather anouncement.
DIRHIDESHOW : You need to protect a particular directory from the curiosity of your entourage, but also would like to access it rapidly and easily ? Maybe this small utility program will help you. No password. The name of this particular directory is your password ! Make it the more complicated as you like and change it at any time ... but don't forget it !
GAMES : The famous SIMON POCKET, a battleship solitaire and a card solitaire for entertaiment... Good luck !
ALARM : This simple program generate a visual alarm. It must be run as planned tasks. Its purpose is to "awake" those of you who always forget daily rendez-vous because of their "attachment" to their computer !
CONVERTER 1.4a : Simple French Franc to Euro and Euro to French Franc converter. Easily change to another currency or another unit by double-clicking the banker.

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