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My programs are mainly for radioamateur usage.
They are freeware and may be used by anybody.
Some users have reported a good functionning of the graphic interface with Linux UBUNTU 8 and WINE.
To run my softwares on Mac or Smartphones, you may use the CROSSOVER app of CodeWeavers.
If any question about my softwares, please first read the F.A.Q. page then, if no answer, use the Contact form to send a message. The page
Schematics describes how to interface your computer with your transceiver or Morse key.
A translation in spanish language of the Schematics page is given here :
Don't hesitate to write encouraging words in the Guest Book if one of the programs helps you and then tell your enthusiasm to other visitors.

Programs for Hams
(Please click the icon or the name of the program to open its specific page)

CW_PLAYER : Morse teacher and trainer

SAT_EXPLORER : Moon and Satellite tracker

KEPSTOTLE : Keplerian to TLE converter

AZIWORLD : Azimuthal map generator

AZIPOINT : Antenna pointer

BEAM_DX : DX heading computer

SIMPLEX : Repeater manager
en español aqui)

INTERCOM : Kenwood controler

  WX_MODERATOR: Wetternachricht-Generator

WX_PLAYER : Weather bulletin generator

 MYWAVERECORDER : Sound recorder

 WAV2MP3 : Wav to MP3 converter

  Google Search

Other softwares

DIRHIDESHOW : You need to protect a particular directory from the curiosity of your entourage, but also would like to access it rapidly and easily ? Maybe this small utility program will help you. No password. The name of this particular directory is your password ! Make it the more complicated as you like and change it at any time ... but don't forget it !
GAMES : The famous SIMON POCKET, a battleship solitaire and a card solitaire for entertaiment... Good luck !



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