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Last release : 4.7.5
Date : February 10th 2019
Author : F6DQM

Freeware to learn and train the Morse code.
OS : Windows XP and higher, 32 & 64-bits.
Supported languages : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugheese, Hungarian.
Linux/Ubuntu/Androïd users may run CW_PLAYER through WINE 1.0 or CROSSOVER.

Two learning methods are included : the KOCH method or your own method by creating your own set of lessons.
includes a Morse audio decoder which will help you to practice a good keying.
CW_PLAYER includes automatic CW keying of your transmitter through serial and parallel ports or manual keying through the Joystick port.
If connecting a dual-contact key on the serial or parallel port of your computer, CW_PLAYER will work like an el-bug.
CW_PLAYER saves texts as .wav Morse files and a small utility software is provided to convert WAV files to MP3 files.

A special menu will add some fun for our lovely kids.
The game
MORSE-JONG is also included to relax your mind after the effort.

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