Last release : 2.1.6
Date : December 14th, 2018
Author : F6DQM

Freeware to create audio time beacons and/or audio weather bulletins.
OS : Windows XP and later.
Language : English
Linux/Ubuntu/Androïd users may use WX_PLAYER through WINE 1.0 or CROSSOVER.

WX_PLAYER is the english version of the french COUCOU.
WX_PLAYER generates audio time beacon  and/or audio weather bulletin. 
WX_PLAYER handles datas from DAVIS and LACROSSE weather stations.
WX_PLAYER handles datas from APRS frames (UI-VIRW format) such as those available on the aprs.fi web site.
WX_PLAYER handles the weather datas of the METAR frames issued from airports.
WX_PLAYER may be used as a stand-alone program or connected to the SIMPLEX software to generate automatically secondary beacons for radio repeaters.

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