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Last release: 1.3.4
Date : 5th februar 2020
Author : F6DQM

Free software to convert wave files into mp3 files.
OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10 etc, 32 & 64 bits.
Language : Anglais.
The users of Linux/Ubuntu/Androïd may use WAV2MP3 through WINE or CROSSOVER.

This small utility software is normally part of the CW_PLAYER package as far as, originally, it was created to convert the Morse wave files created by CW_PLAYER into mp3 files. It is launched automatically by CW_PLAYER on request of the user.
It is also used by WX_PLAYER, WX_MODERATOR, MYWAVE RECORDER to convert their own wave files into mp3 files.
It may be used as a stand-alone software to convert your own wave files into mp3 files but with the following restrictions : It supports wave files which format is 11025kHz, 22050kHz or 44100 kHz, mono or stereo, 16 bits only.
If you download this software from this page then you may use it as a stand-alone sofware.

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