Last release : 3.5.4
Date : March 30th 2018
Author : F6DQM

Freeware to track the Moon, the Sun, artificial satellites and to control antenna interfaces.
OS : Windows XP and later.
Supported languages : English, French, German, Italian.
Linux/Ubuntu users may run SAT_EXPLORER through WINE 1.0 or CROSSOVER.

Freeware for satellite tracking , Moon tracking and antenna positionning.
Handles the following antenna tracking interfaces :
PourSat, FODTrack, EA4TX, GS232, EASYCOM, TRAKBOX, KCT, PROSISTEL, M2-ORION, EGIS and other compatible interfaces such as LVBTracker and SatDrive.
is compatible with TRX-Manager for piloting transceivers and other antenna systems.
SAT_EXPLORER computes satellite positions from any standard 2-line orbital elements of radioamateur satellites such as this one :

SAT_EXPLORER computes the positions of the Moon in using built-in algorithms. The accuracy is reputed to be better than 0.1. EME Doppler shifts are computed for your own echo and for any DX station.                 

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Example of the map showing the current coverage, next visibility coverage, trace, sun etc of a satellite

Example of Moon window :