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Last release : 2.1.4
Date : April 14th 2023
Author : F6DQM

Freeware to remotely control KENWOOD TMD700/710/V-71 transceivers
OS : Windows XP and higher, 32 & 64-bits.
Supported languages : English, French.
Linux/Ubuntu/Androïd users may run INTERCOM through WINE 1.0 or CROSSOVER.

controls KENWOOD TMD700/710/V-71 transceivers or any other transceiver which features UP, DOWN and PTT commands.
It allows either with manual clicks or through a TCPIP link to send basical commands to these transceivers : TX choice, VFO choice, memory choice or power level choice.
It was developped to run with SIMPLEX in order to interconnect a VHF/UHF repeater with any other nearby repeater.
Remote transmission of commands is done through DTMF codes decoded by SIMPLEX and resent to InterCom on the TCPIP link.

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Annex : Programming protocol of the KENWOOD TM-D700