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F6DQM.... What is it ?

This is the callsign that I was assigned by the French Telecom administration.
It is personal.
It means that I have passed the exam to obtain the radioamateur licence. It identifies my
station when I send on the air.
All radioamateurs around the world have got a personal callsign. The very first letters and
figures of the callsign identify your home country (F for France, G for England, K, N or W
for the United States, U or R for Russia, BY for China, JA for Japan etc).
These first characters are the prefixes. You may find the same prefixes in airplanes identifiers.
To know more :

AMATEUR RADIO & CB ... What differences ?

CB (Citizen Band) is the free usage of the 27 MHz band with limited power and without
any chat constraint.
Radioamateurs use several dedicated frequency bands all over the radio spectrum, from
short waves to laser waves.
They experiment new techniques of radiocommunication and concepts of transmission :
analog and numeric transmissions, phone or image, directly or through terrestrial and
satellite repeaters, etc. The communication content must relate to radio topics.
Each radioamateur is authorized to send on the air by his own administration after taking
an exam in order to control his knowledge of radiocommunication : rules, laws and
radioelectricity theory.
To listen to the Morse alphabet click here.


HF bands : IC 730, ICOM transceiver, 100 watts, 12 volts
       Modification to get IC730 WARC bands on emission
VHF : IC 290D, ICOM VHF transceiver , 25 watts
       Modifications de l'ICOM 290D (french language)
UHF : ATR 680, Alcatel, 16 preset channels, 10 watts
       Modification de l'ATR680 pour tonalité à 1750 Hz (french language)
       Tout pour programmer l'ATR680 (french language)
50MHz/VHF/UHF : IC-E90, pocket size, 5 watts, extended RX range
       Modification to get full RX range and extended TX ranges
HF bands : 20 metres long wire with a 9/1 transformer and home-made match box
       Adaptateur d'impédance pour antenne long fil (french language)
VHF, COMET colinear vertical 2.5m and HB9CV
UHF, COMET colinear vertical 2.5m
Miscellaneous creations (french language)
Schéma de l'alimentation 12 volts / 25 ampères
Mon premier amplificateur linéaire décamétrique
Petite alimentation stabilisée 1 ampère pour labo
Antenne VHF 5/8 d'onde
Mon premier manipulateur électronique
Manipulateur électronique à circuit CURTIS 8043
Capacimètre analogique simple 
Economiseur de piles
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