Walk in LOCMARIAQUER (Morbihan, Brittany)

Locmariaquer is a small village of 1400 inhabitants in winter and 17000 residents in summer. It is located on the west side of the entrance of the Gulf of Morbihan.The village appears as a peninsula bordered by the Auray river to the north, the gulf of Morbihan to the east, the Atlantic ocean to the south and the St Philibert bay to the west. ().

The village is surrounded by water on nearly 80% of its territory (aerial photo n°1, aerial photo n°2). Its main activity except tourism is oyster farming. Its heritage dates back to more than 6000 years : they are the Megaliths.

Let's take a walk in the village at the mercy of the wind and hear a little local music to really feel the ambiance of the resort. Click the pictures to enlarge them.

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Coët-Corzo bay
Oyster farming
Tide mill
of Coët-Courzo
The village from the coastal path
Port of Locmariaquer
Dock of Guilvin
En route for a gulf tour
Vista over the gulf

Ocean side :

Kerpenhir foreland
Port Navalo facing
Exiting the gulf towards the ocean
Port Navalo on the left
N.D. de Kerdro
Rolay beach
Great beach. In the background
entrance of the gulf and Port Navalo
Brénéguy bay
Méaban island
Pierres Plates. Vista
on Er Hourel wood
St Pierre beach and
Er Hourel wood
Flora on St Pierre dune
Er Long foreland
Ster er Vered
Windsurfers paradise
Er Ville foreland
St Philibert bay

Inland :

Coastal lane
Small pied-à-terre ?
Inland footpath
Slithly salted butter ?
Brénéguy marsch
Beware of mosquitos
St Pierre farm

Heritage :

Marchand dolmen
beginning of XXth
Marchand Table
Cairn and Dolmen
Broken Great Menhir
27 metres
Pierres Plates dolmen
Electric torch is mandatory
Main church in 1913
St Michel chapel
Painting exhibitions
Moustoir chapel
Tails and theatre
St Pierre chapel

Folklore :

Celtic group
Bombardes & binious
They wear round hats ...
Famous french old refrain
Water tournament
on the Auray river

Bizarre ...

Clonopsis gallica
But where is the head ?
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And the best at the end :

The "pearl" of the Gulf

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